Response.Redirect and Response.RedirectPermanent Methods in ASP.NET

While developing web applications there are certain situations when you need to redirect from one page to another. Redirecting simply means a way of hopping on from one page to another. In ASP.NET there are two methods for this purpose. These are: Response.Redirect and Response.RedirectPermanent. In this article, we will study these two methods in

C# Params Keyword and its Use

During the course of your programming career you may encounter situations where you need to have a method that can accept ‘n’ number of parameters at run time. In such cases, C# params keyword can be quite helpful. Params keyword in C# allows a method or a constructor to receive variable number of parameters. When

C# Enum – Massive Guide on C# Enumerations

Enum is a keyword in C# that is used to declare an Enumeration. Enumerations also known as Enums are special sets of named values which generally correspond to a set of constants. Enums are helpful when you have to declare a set of constants and each one of the constants corresponds to a number. Enums

C# Stopwatch – How to Measure Time Elapsed Accurately in C#

If you are into code performance optimisation then you would have probably heard about the C# stopwatch class. It’s an awesome class that C# provides out of the box to programmers, by which they can measure the execution time of a piece of code. Stopwatch class is contained inside the ‘System. Diagnostics’ namespace and was